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Distribution intro

“Pinta ltd” is honorable member of “IABMO,” independent association of beer market operators. Today the company is the oldest and largest operator of the sector and controls over than 60% of draft beer market of Pskov. The major companies of “on” and “off trade” are our clients for years. Throughout many years of cooperation our company have been demonstrating competence and expertise that has helped winning the trust of clients. Nowadays “Pinta ltd” is the absolute leader and senior expert of draft beer market of Pskov and its region. +7(811) 274-75-05
+7(811) 274-75-05
“ASCAR” For more than 10 years “ASCAR ltd” is the major draft and bottled beer distributive company to the great number of restaurants and bars of the city. Since 2008 we concentrated our attention to the output of the “BALTIKA” brewing company and soon enough we became the major draft beer distributive company not only in Saint-Petersburg, but throughout Russian Federation. Go to the website, +7(812)5420705
+7 (812) 542-07-05
"Draft Beer"
“Draft Beer ltd” Est. 2006. The keys to our successful management are: long years of professional managers’ work and their skills, large internal resources, and long-termed partnerships. The official distribute and main product range is the draft and bottled beer of “Vasileostrovskaya Pivovarnya”, the brewery from Vasilievsky island of St. Petersburg. Go to the website Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Sverdlovskaya emb., 60 +7 (812) 252-12-66 8 (812) 337-58-95
+7 (812) 252-12-66
"Crazy Craft"
“Crazy Craft ltd” is the Russian Craft beer breweries authorized distributor. Also you may obtain over than 300 brands of exclusive imported brands of beer. The “Crazy Craft ltd” specializes in the distribution of collaborative breweries and cooperates with great number of beer manufacturers from all corners of Russian Federation. go to the website С + 7 (812) 240-10-40
+ 7 (812) 240-10-40